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Layered Clothing System

What to wear while cycling or trekking

When we do outdoors activities as trekking, cycling and climbing we recommend layered clothing system, well known as the onion clothing. The idea is to wear different layers instead of a main one. The advantage of this system is that you can get diverse ranges of coat.

The weather in the mountain could be really variable. A sunny cleared day would be nice to trek using just a shirt, but when we arrive to a viewpoint where we are going to stay for a while, we are going to lose heat and we will need a jacket or a polar. Also if it starts raining while we are walking we can use the shirt with a jacket and if we start feeling cold we can add a polar between this two layers.


Layered Clothing System

The aims of this system are to wick moisture, trap the heat that the body expels, insulate us from cold and block the wind, snow and rain from outside.

Base Layer

This is the first layer and the one we always use. It is in contact with our skin to eliminate water vapor. It is recommendable to use snug t-shirts to increase the effect of this layer. The function of this layer is to wick moisture and to maintain the body dry. For this layer we recommend synthetic t-shirts or thermal shirts. It is better to wear cloth made of polyester and other technologies than wearing cotton that takes more time to dry. Yes, it is better to use cotton shirts when we arrive to the accommodation after a bath.


Second Layer

Also known as the insulating layer and the responsible to trap the heat that the body expels. This layer also has to wick moisture if not the base layer would be in vain. The most popular material that it is used in this layer is polar, with different thickness depending the cold. Wool is another good option, but is too warm sometimes.

Third Layer

This layer will protect us from the external agents as the sun, rain, snow and wind. Must be waterproof and breathable, again to wick moisture from the other layers. The material par excellence is Goretex, but nowadays we are able to find many technologies that fulfill the same function.


Important considerations

We also have to care about protecting our head and neck, because we lose 60% of the body heat from these places as it is normally unprotected. This is why it is important to use wool hats, thermal collars, scarves and the cap of the jacket.

It is also recommendable to use the layered system in our head and in our hands and feet. In the hands we are going to find gloves of different materials, made of wool, polar and waterproof.

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