Handle Security

Riding a bicycle is really vulnerable. The smaller our vehicle, the smaller our protection. This is why we have to consider basic things to consider while riding.

Here some recommendations to share:

  • Helmet: It seems obvious, but it is important to add it always in our security kit.
  • Rearviewmirror: an important element that every cyclist must use. Thanks to this tool we are going to be able to see the cars and trucks passing next to us and be alert to that.
  • Communication: if we travel with a companion or a group it is necessary to establish some vocabulary to be connected.
    • Down: to get off the route or to the shoulder.
    • Go on: to keep on riding straight.
    • We stop in the x: we found really important to detail where to stop so we can avoid unfortunate crashing between bicycles.
  • Leave a generous distance between bicycles: it is important to ride close to avoid the wind, but it is necessary to leave a basic distance between the bicycles to avoid a crash.
  • Two-way roads: when we ride two-way roads, without shoulder or with a deteriorated shoulder, we always get off the route when trucks come in the same way as us and when two cars cross us together.
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