Gear for Cycle Touring

When we started to plan our first trips, we read and heard a lot of recommendations and suggestions from other cyclist. To prepare the gear for a trip is really subjective, because there are a lot of factors that we have to consider.

The main factor is the budget that we have. People always  are going to offer you the best, ergo the most expensive tools. Sometimes they will be right but other times will be relative.

We consider that if you have the motivation you have to do it with the gear you can get at that moment. That flash of enthusiasm for adventure can become an eternal blackout of repentance.

Other important factor is the trip that you are going to do, the duration and the place. It is not the same riding through a desert route than riding in a route with access to different cities.

The priority is the weight. We always have to choose between the versatile and light gear.

Spare parts and tools for cycling

As we said before it is going to depend on the type of bicycle, trip, destination and length of the trip. A basic equipment will be:

  • Repairing puncture kit: sandpaper, patches, adhesive, tire levers.
  • Tools: torx keys, chain tool, wrenches, screwdriver.
  • MiniPump
  • Spokes
  • Chain
  • Inner Tube

Choosing the bicycle is also relative. It will depend on your preferences and the type of trip. One important decision to make is to decide which brakes to use. V-brakes are easier to fix, but disc brakes are more effectives, and a little bit more complex.

Our Equipment for Cycle Touring


We ride Raleigh Mojave 4.5 with v-brakes and 24 speeds.

We distribute our luggage between four panniers, two at the back and two little at the front. The brand is Sudamerica, and Argentinian company that produces panniers similar to the Ortlieb’s. These are very resistant and waterproof. For the trip to Uruguay we just used the back panniers, as it  was a short journey.

The carriers are also from Argentina. We use Iozzer racks. Great resistance, quality and design.  


We use an igloo tent for two, Alps Mountaineering Aries. Weighs 2kg and it has two doors to wean the entry and the exit.

For cooking we use a gas stove. This will depend also on the type of trip because sometimes it is better to carry a multi-fuel stove so you can charge it with gasoline for example. This is useful if you are travelling through desert routes without the access to cities. Nowadays there is another alternative stove that works with alcohol.

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