Milodon Glacier

A second stay in Chalten, the capital of trekking of Argentina, allowed me to discover new and wonderful places, full of energy and not touristy.

Loma de las Pizzaras and Milodon Glacier were between the best hikes I’ve ever done. Milodon is an enourmous glacier that is hidden because is located in private property. It is outrageous, I know, but it is the reality that we live in Argentina, where they give away lands and heritage just to a few owners. Lands that are supposed to be for the entire population.

Exploring the map of Chalten I realized that if you take Route 23, pass Laguna Condor, you can find two rivers that flow to Río de las Vueltas. The initiation of these rivers were two different glaciers. One of them was Milodon Glacier. I tried to look for information, but the only thing that I found was that the place, where the glacier is located, is private. This is how I decided to meet him.


I started to hitchike in the begining of Route 23. A nice family lifted me up and we started the journey. When I told them that I was getting off in Río Milodon, they were surprised because there was nothing to see around that area, at least for them.

I got off the route and entered to the Nothofagus woods, charasteristic in the National Park Los Glaciares. Following the river I found a trail so I started walking through it. It was a cold day, the sky was cloudy and there was fog. It had been raining the night before ant that’s why the woods was humid. I could sense that beautiful scent of nature alive.

Suddenly, after a steep hill I saw it. At the end of the valley, climbed in the mountains, the tongue of the glacier, waiting for me. I was shivering. An impressive mass of ice was waiting for me, just for me.


I kept on walking a couple of hours and I finally arrived to the lake of the glacier. Marvellous, huge, even more than Laguna de los tres, Laguna Sucia and possibly bigger than Laguna Torre. Incredible that it is hidden. The sun wanted to shine, but it was too cloudy. Nevertheless some rays were filtered. I took hundreds of pictures and videos, I just couldn’t believe it.

After long minutes I decided to continue a little bit more to see if I could get closer. I climbed an edge and thanks to the luminosity I realized that there was another valley, so I walked deeper.

Suddenly I see another lagoon, and then THE glacier. Milodon glacier complete. Impressive, climbed in the mountains. My smile was bigger than my face. I arrived to a paradise. I walked around the lagoon, took a lot of pictures, I sat to gaze at the view and to absorb some energy from the glacier.  The sky cleared and the sun was reflecting new colors.


Time flew and I needed to go back, tremendous anguish to leave that place. Every few steps I was turning back to look at it, to see if was still there. Yes, it was, and it is still Milodon glacier.


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