Loma de las Pizzarras

Loma de las Pizarras is one of the most complete and beautiful scenic spots I have visited in El Chaltén. From there you can see everything, in the foreground, the main mountain range, Cerro Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Techado Negro among others; on one side, Laguna Sucia, Laguna de los Tres; farther, Río de las Vueltas, Laguna Condor and the tip of Lago del Desierto. In addition, while the path is traversed is possible to see Laguna Capri, Laguna Madre e Hija and even the great Lago Viedma.
I managed to reach the peak of the hill in a second attempt, since the first attempt was in a windy and rainy day, besides having begun to walk quite late. Anyway, it helped me visualize much of the way and plan a future and efficient hike.

The subjectivity of times is evident at every moment, while some have a long night and gets late to go to sleep, others exploit dawn to take advantage of the early daylight. This last situation was mine, I decided to wake up very early to start one of my most desired trails in El Chalten, Loma de las Pizarras.

Still dark and with the lights still shining I began the path of Glaciar Torre. Gaining altitude I enjoyed dawn as the trail entered to the beautiful lenga and ñires forest.

It was summer, but the night was fresh and even more in the morning, so until the sun began to warm me up, I started well sheltered. At the first viewpoint I saw the sun illuminating the mountain range and witnessed a beautiful natural contrast.


When the paths diverge I turned towards Laguna Madre e Hija. The first section is a bit steep and you have to continue until a big curve where a large rock is located beside the road. Here begins the mountain edge, is quite evident. Taking that detour, the trail is no longer clear, but as you walk straight through the mountain edge is easy to continue oriented.

Once the forest was finished I turned to the left side of the edge from where I could enjoy an exclusive viewpoint of the Laguna Torre with its glacier and the mountain range behind. At times the texture of the ground was sandy and was a little heavy to walk, but after that stretch the rocky soil began again.

The first patches of snow appeared. Great opportunity to refill water (always remember to add some juice powder or salts as it has no minerals).


I finally reached the last stretch where I could see the entire mountain range stunning. As I was walking through the edge, I decided to continue straight through it, but suddenly began to appear rocks slates, as foliate and was quite unstable.

I got back to the beginning of the hill and rested a little while I started thinking what to do. On one hand I was pleased because I was enjoying a wonderful scenery, but a part of me wanted to go on because I wanted to see the lagoons on the other side of the hill. That’s how I decided to continue slowly as it was still early.


I stepped off the edge slowly as there were many loose rocks and started walking toward Fitz Roy. I spent a couple of hills and dodging ice, I reached the last stretch. If I was able to climb my mission would be completed, but it was very dangerous because of the falling rocks as they were all loose. In addition, I was alone, something not recommended in the mountains.

I decided to move slowly but it was complicated. Motivated I continued and finally I solved the trail. I reached the edge and in front of my eyes appeared lagoons, rivers, mountains and one of the most amazing views I’ve had in my life.




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